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AA-CTA Unit 3

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Critical Thinking Assignment Choices


Choose one assignment from the following choices.


Application Assignment

  1. Build or draw a 3-D model of a crystal of a mineral, or molecule, of your choice.  Research the uses & sources of this mineral.  Present to the class.  (Sign up for your choice.  Simple choices of minerals include: Halite (NaCl), Fluorite (CaF2), Quartz (SiO2), and Cuprite (Cu2O).  Some molecules include caffeine, saccharin, and salicylic acid.
  2. “Would Your Cat Eat This?” (see handout)

Critical Thinking Assignment

Research and answer the question. Read & summarize 3 articles and write a good 2-paragraph
response to the question. Include the citations of your sources. Remember to support your
answer with evidence from what you read. Type your assignment using the format provided on
the other side.

  1. Is single stream recycling a good idea?
  2. NO2 & SO2 gases are discussed on pp. 123, 249, & 387.  These are sources of acid rain.  Is acid rain still a problem we should be concerned about in Maine?
  3. Is Ocean Acidification bad for the health of the oceans and ocean life?



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