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Honors Chemistry

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Honors Chemistry

Semester 1, 2011-2012

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This course is designed to give students interested in science and technology a more challenging experience, including in-depth exploration of units studied in Lab Chemistry.  In addition, Honors Chemistry includes the study of several additional topics, such as Acids & Bases, Thermochemistry, and Organic Chemistry, which will serve as good preparation for AP Chemistry or college chemistry.  This course is designed to inspire excellence, responsibility, high academic achievement, and a joy of learning




1. Chemtools - An Introduction to Chemistry 2. Atomic Theory, Structure, & Periodic Table 3. Chemical Bonding
4. Chemical Reactions 5. Mole Concept

6. Stoichiometry

7. Thermochemistry 8. Kinetic Molecular Theory & Gas Laws

9. Solutions & Acid & Bases

10. Electrochemistry 11. Nuclear Chemistry 12. Organic Chemistry


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