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Lab Chem

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Lab Chemistry

Semester 2, 2011-2012

Daily Work Log          front page

About this course

Our world is made up of “stuff,” and that stuff is made up of smaller stuff, and that stuff is made up of even smaller stuff. And on it goes. Understanding how all that microscopic (or submicroscopic) stuff fits together can tell us an awful lot about the world we actually experience. That is the purpose of a course in chemistry. We will be asking some very profound and intriguing questions about the very nature of our world. This is a laboratory-oriented, problem-solving course, so, we will be investigating these questions through scientific inquiry, lab experiments, critical thinking, and collaboration. My intention is to have you not only understand these questions, but to make life-long use of your problem- solving skills, to become a self-directed learner who contributes positively to your community, and to be a clear and effective communicator who makes responsible and informed decisions.


Regardless of who you are outside of this class, within these walls, you are a scientist. You will be
expected to ask questions, to make predictions, and to design experiments to answer questions.
Hopefully, you will also have fun along the way.



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