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Notes Sample

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Class & Book Notes

a sample

Unit: 1

Topic: Temperature Scales

Book Section(s): 2.7

Date: ___________________________


Instructions: Assigned Note-taker types in notes from lecture or reading.  Other students make additions & corrections. 



Fahrenheit Scale


Celsius Scale


Absolute Zero


Kelvin Scale



Converting btn K & C





Converting btn C &  F

the one we're used to in U.S.

Water f.p. = 32, b.p = 212

metric scale - used in most of world

Water f.p = 0, b.p. = 100

lowest possible temperature


S.I. scale, based on absolute zero

abs 0 is 0 Kelvin.  water f.p = 273 K, b.p. = 373 K


K & C have the same size degrees, they're just offset by 273.15 degrees (273 rounded).

K to C: K - 273 = C

C to K: C + 273 = K


Between freezing & boiling points of water:

100 degrees C, 180 degrees F.  So C degrees are 1.80 times as big as F degrees.

C to F:  F = 1.80 x C + 32

F to C:  C = (F - 32)/1.80


Point of reference: "room temp" of 68 F is 20 C.















Celsius & Kelvin scales used in science.  Converting between C & K is just adding or subtracing 273.  Converting between C & F use simple formula.  Converting between K & F, convert to C first.






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